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We are Renderized.com

3d modeling and visualization studio

We are the small but growing interior designers/CG artists team. We are developing our architectural visualization skills instantly. We always penetrate project and making each new project better than previous. So we are glad to make something new and extraodinary.

We have 12 years practice in this area, had a hundreds of interesting projects. Happy to work with new clients, make something unusual.

Our clients are:

  • Private designers and architects
  • Architecture studios
  • Interior Design studios
  • Real estate agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Developers
  • Manufacturers
  • Private customers: sellers and buyers of residential and commercial Real Estate.

Among our clients are


How we can be useful for you

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Better to see once than to hear a hundred times

3D visualization technology allows you to see your architecture before it is built. If you just not sure what kind of tiles would look better in your new bathroom or you are looking for investors for a multimillion project you are developing — our 3d visualization could help you with all it. Just have a look to a list of our possibilities:

3D visualization

  • Interior, exterior and studio CGIs
  • For architects and designers
  • For Real Estate agencies
  • For developers
  • For advertising agencies
  • For Private customers

VR walkthroughs

Next step in introducing your project! You can walk through your interior or exterior like you moving in google panoramas.

3D modeling

Modeling architectural assets according to your drawings. As well as furniture pieces, sculptures and other details that should be in your project.

20% discount for regular clients


save up to 20%. In case if you have typical projects, such as student accomodation or hotels we could discuss special pricing per project.

Close Up Bonus


If you purchase at least 3 interior images for one room you'll get 1 beautiful close-up rendering as a bonus in your CGI package!


A showcase of our works

Renderized.com is a CGI studio.

We make unbuilt architecture. You can see your home, office or restaurant from inside and outside before it is built! It helps you to explain your building company members how everything should look! It helps to sell your property! Our CGIs could be used for catalog production and it is print-ready to put them to the billboards. And we are always open to something new!

Get a QuoteWhat Price?


Simple and clear process

Send us some floorplans, elevations, sketches. Anything that might help us to understand the task and tell you the price and timeframes. Complete brief is essential to the work done fast and to the highest quality.

1. Informative Brief


We make visualizations according to your task and showing you progress or sending you the initial renderings. So this is a part when you'll see the result and will have to correct our work. So feel free to comment.

2. Initial Visualizations


This part could take 5 mins or could take a couple days. It fully depends on the initial brief. If the brief is detailed and clear, there would be only minor corrections.

3. Your Amendments


We've made your amendments. Now the project meets your expectations. The result will delight you and us as well.

4. Final Visualizations


Fair prices. Excellent service.


$199 per shot
  •  Photorealistic visualizations
  •  Price with 2 shots per one room
  •  2 sets of changes


$259 per shot
  •  Photorealistic visualizations
  •  Price with 3 shots per one object
  •  2 sets of changes


$299 per shot
  •  Photorealistic visualizations
  •  Price with 2 shots per one room
  •  2 sets of changes

Price allways consist of several main things. As we make Full CGI renderings, each scene requires 3d modeling, setting up the materials and lights. We do this for one shot or for a few. That’s why when you purchase several images of that same scene each of it will cost less then one. So if first interior visualization costs 280usd, each additional will cost only 120!


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